Thursday, 18 April 2013

Believers Church Bishop Dr KP Yohannan Large AIDS Awareness Rally in Jaigaon

More than 300 people participated in a World AIDS Day rally organized by the Jaigaon Believers Church Women’s Fellowship in December 2010.
The participants were from various parts of a district in West Bengal and joined with Minor Seminary students, Believers Church staff and local church members.
The rally started at Manglabury, Jaigaon, and went to different places such as Jaigaon Chinese Line, Vivekananda Pally, Baw Bazar and Bhutan Gate. The marchers held signs sporting AIDS awareness slogans. They also held a program to present skits and teachings on AIDS.
Special guest Dr. Shyam Gopal Nag explained HIV/AIDS, how it spreads and how to prevent it. Rev. Fr. Khumba (Vicar General) and Rev. Fr. Yohanna also took part in the event. A crowd gathered, curiously watching the program.

Thousands of pamphlets about AIDS/HIV were distributed to the onlookers. This Jaigaon event was part of a widespread campaign by Believers Church on World AIDS Day to raise awareness and encourage AIDS prevention